WELCOME!! And thank you for taking time to find the web site of the Denver Chesterton Society!

We cordially extend our warmest invitation to you to join us for what have proven to be rollicking, fun, and exciting discussions about the literary works of the great Catholic English polymath, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, on the second Monday of every month at 7:15 P.M.

We presently meet at:

Cardinal Stafford Library
in the Chesterton Reading Room:
1300 South Steele Street
Denver CO 80210-2526
Mapquest.com driving directions

The Gilbert Keith Chesterton Cause for Canonization

is underway.

View the G. K. Chesterton Prayer Card

Important Notice from Gilbert Magazine

The American Chesterton Society reminds us that a worldwide devotion to G.K. Chesterton must be demonstrated in order for his cause to move forward. The Bishop of Northampton has appointed Fr. John Udris to investigate the potential for Chesterton’s cause. Without a large, enthusiastic, and resounding response, the cause will not proceed. If G.K. Chesterton has been instrumental in bringing you to the Catholic Church, or renewing your faith, or has played some fundamental role in your spiritual life — and especially if you believe you have evidence of Chesterton’s intercession to your prayer intentions — please write a brief testimonial and send it to the bishop’s appointee, Fr. John Udris. (And encourage other Chestertonians to do so as well).

Write to Fr. Udris at chesterton@oscott.org and please copy info@chesterton.org.

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