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Christmas links:

We will keep to our December tradition and read Chesterton’s beautiful Christmas writings and poetry. Christmas was a favorite subject for Chesterton. Each year of his long career in journalism Chesterton wrote something important on the subject of  Christmas — from profound poetry and essays, to lighter columns that expressed his gratitude and humility surrounding the reality of the birth of Christ.

Sue has put together a lovely collection of his poetry and essays (email us, and we’ll send a downloadable document). I also recommend reading the chapter “The God in the Cave” from Part II in The Everlasting Man for Chesterton’s amazing insight into the very first Christmas.

Here is the American Chesterton Society’s lecture, The Spirit of Christmas.

Here is a link to ‘6 Chesterton Quotes & a Poem’ from ChurchPop.

Here is the short but wonderful essay, The Other Stocking, originally published in 1903.

Here is a link to some of GKC’s Christmas quotes from the Irish Chesterton Society..

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