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January 13, 2020

We celebrate each new year with our annual Epiphany Party! The party includes snacks, drinks, and a Chesterton-related video. This year we plan to watch a new production of The Ballad of the White Horse, which debuted at last year’s conference. This live-action film features a group of young actors who act out the scenes of the poem while the poem is read in its entirety. The running time of the video is 111 minutes, so we will only have time for a brief chat before starting the film.

In February we will start a new book, The Poet and the Lunatics, which should carry us through April or so, after which we will revisit Orthodoxy. The plan for Orthodoxy is to go slowly, probably one chapter per month, and for individual members choose a chapter and volunteer to lead the group in the discussion. This is what we did several years ago, and it seemed to work quite well.  

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