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February 11, 2018

We will continue our discussion of Heretics in February, starting with Chapter 15 and going as far as we can. Since we seem to be moving quite slowly, we will try something new and answer only a few brief questions about each chapter. Certain chapters will require more discussion, and we will take the necessary time with those.

This book, published in 1905 when Chesterton was only 31, could be considered a prequel or a companion volume to Orthodoxy (1908), which was written as an answer to critiques of Heretics — if not for Heretics, we might not have Orthodoxy. When criticized for pointing out the errors (heresies) of his opponents, he was asked to state what he actually believed, hence, Orthodoxy.

Heretics consists of 20 essays, and we will try to cover 4 or 5 essays in each month’s discussion. The plan is also to have our members choose those essays that are most interesting to them and then lead the group in the discussion of those chapters. So far, chapters 1 and 7 are spoken for. All others are up for grabs, so choose a chapter while you can!

The very inexpensive Dover edition can be found at the ACS or online. You might find Dale’s lecture on Heretics helpful, since the Dover edition does not contain a preface. Also, this excellent review is well worth reading and should entice you to read or reread Heretics and come join us in our discussion!



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