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June 8, 2020


Our June meeting is next Monday, June 8. Unfortunately, we are still unable to use the Chesterton Room at the seminary, so we will have to go with another Zoom conference. This has worked out better than expected, and it’s completely safe, so if you’ve been reluctant to do online meetings maybe you can give this one a try. See the Zoom link below to access this month’s video conference, starting at 7:15 pm on June 8.
Our book for the next several months is Chesterton’s celebrated defense of Christianity, Orthodoxy. We will start the book this month with the first two chapters and then discuss in detail one chapter per month until we finish. The plan is to have our members lead the discussions in a chapter of their choosing. I will take the short, first chapter, which leaves Chapter 2 open to anyone who would like to have it. Chapters 4 and 6 have already been spoken for, but all others are open. Just let me know if you’re interested in leading a chapter, and I will put you on the list!
Here is a video of Dale Ahlquist’s intro to Orthodoxy given to the Hollywood Chesterton Society. This should help get you fired up for the book!
There is a chance that we could be back in our room in July or by August. Let’s pray for that.
I hope everyone is healthy and staying sane!
See you Monday!

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